Anarchy Road (Single version)

by Spikers

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released July 6, 2016




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Spikers Ukraine

Loud And Heavy

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Track Name: Anarchy Road
Hungry for blood, stuck with semen and mud, chasing victims with purpose of pleasure
Leather and spikes, rusty gleamed motorbikes riding fast bringing nearer the danger
And when they catch you they’ll use and abuse you and dag
Don’t try to run cause you will cannot hide on the

Anarchy Road is the way to be strong to survive in the upcoming Wasteland
Ravaging hate leads to murder of faith and the rising of new generation of the Damned

Vermin on wheels need to refuel their keels to continue the journey of violence
Gasoline smell turns them on like an ell so they’re ready to roar out the silence
Gallons and gallons of fuel pumped from split vehicles’ tanks
Mile after mile devastation will cover the land

Faster we ride, no chance to hide, we will take all, (it’s) road Rock’n’Roll
Gasoline’s ours, the future is ours, highways of doom our glory will zoom

Anarchy Road was the way to be strong to survive in the newly come Wasteland
Ravaging hate led to murder of faith and the rising of new generation
Road, Anarchy Road – your fate has been crashed
Road, Anarchy Road – you all are dead and Damned
Anarchy Road
Track Name: Motley Glue
Neglected children – the lost generation
Starvation, privations, slow degeneration
Lurking in outskirts with face of frustration
But put bag on head and you’ll fly!!!

Sniff it!
Taste it!
Get wasted!
With Motley Glue!
Of Torment!
But later!
The Dream will come true!

I infiltrate into minds of the guiltless
Little by little their glory I witness
Weak yesterday but today they’re relentless
They’ll do everything I demand!!!

Sacrifice for me – make a slaughter
Spill the blood to flow like the water
Let me in again, or you’ll suffer
I am your God and your Fate

Sniff me!
Taste Me!
Face Me!
I am Motley Glue!!!
Your Dream had at last come true!!!